Pacifique Absinthe Verte

An Authentic 19th Century Traditional Absinthe

Pacifique Absinthe SFWSC 2011 Gold


Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieure is a super-premium absinthe, hand-crafted in the historic Franco-Swiss style. 

Pacifique is made in exact accordance to a classic 1855 French recipe, and faithfully represents a recreation of the kind of absinthe one would drink in 19th century France. It's artisan distilled using historic distilling techniques in a hand-hammered copper alembic pot still. By using only the finest grain spirits and selected botanicals chosen from around the globe, we insure a truly world class product that reflects the undeniable qualities of the art of traditional distilling.

Pacifique Absinthe Verte Supérieur is perfectly served performing the classic French Drip Ritual but also blends beautifully with other spirits and mixers. From the classic Sazerac to a refreshing Clipper Ship - use in the many historic cocktail recipes of the past or a creation of your own, Pacifique epitomizes the true taste of the Belle Époque.


Voyager Distilled Dry Gin

Gin That Tastes Like Gin


Voyager GinBTI 2011

Voyager Single-Batch Distilled Gin is a gin lover's gin. Now, we know that not everybody likes gin, but those who do like it like it a lot.  That's why we decided to make a gin for gin lovers instead of vodka lovers or whisky lovers.


That's why Voyager Gin tastes the way gin is supposed to taste: bold juniper, fresh, light citrus and mild hints of exotic spices; not like whiskey, not like vodka. And definitely not like the potpourri sitting on your grandma's dresser.

Voyager is a hand-crafted American gin in the London Dry style. It's been artisan distilled using only the finest grain spirits and select, all organic plants, herbs and spices. We choose our botanicals from around the globe to insure that Voyager is truly a world class product that carries forward the traditions of 19th century craft distillers. These ingredients are placed into a hand-hammered copper alembic pot still and carefully distilled to insure that the finished flavor and aromas are fully integrated and complementary. The result is an ultra-premium spirit that mixes perfectly in your favorite gin-based cocktail: from a classic dry Martini to a refreshing Gin & Tonic, or one of the many great new creations by today's talented mixologists - Voyager is a gin that epitomizes the essence of cocktail culture. 


Voyager  Botanicals

Juniper BerriesThe name "gin" is derived from the Dutch for juniper: jenever, and the Dutch spirit called jenever is the ancestor of the popular London dry style gin.   By definition, gin is a spirit flavored predominantly with juniper berries. 

In the spirit of tradition, we use a generous portion of the best European juniper in Voyager Dry Gin, along with other tradtional and time-honored botanicals such as orris root, citrus, angelica, cardamom and cassia.

Juniperus communis

Coriandrum sativa
Angelica archangelica


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