Making Artisanal Spirits

The True Craft of Distilling

We've been asked why we don't use one of those high-tech looking modern stills, so nice and shiny with stainless steel tubes and gadgets all over. There are several reasons. One is our approach to spirits making.

Making old world spirits requires old world skills and old world equipment. Since our products are single-batch, hand-made spirits, it only makes sense for us to use an alambic pot still that was made with this craft in mind. We're committed to the methods of spirit-making that were practised by the craft distilllers of the 19th Century.

Another reason for choosing a traditional copper still is the chemical properties copper exerts during the distillation. Copper has excellent heat-transfer capabilities, resistance to corrosion from wine being distilled into brandy, and copper chemically neutralizes many of the unwanted flavors that can ruin a liquor.

We're proud to show off our copper alambic still to visitors to the distillery.


Whole Botanicals

Only the Best, From Across the County and Around the Globe

Spice BazaarThe botanicals used in our spirits range from familiar aromatic spices like citrus zests, cinnamon, anise and juniper, to hard-to-find and exotic items such as roman wormwood and florentine fennel.

We believe that to make world-class spirits, you must search the world for the best ingredients, so we use not only botanicals we grow ourselves, but also from faraway places like Italy, France, Spain, Sri Lanka, Asia and North Africa.  We will always source the best materials for our spirits, no matter how far we have to go.

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